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Tips for Spots and Stains

Better Stain Removal

Most damage we see on garments is caused by spot and stain removal attempts at home. Here are a few suggestions that you might try in an emergency.

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Test for Color Fastness

Moisten a clean cloth with cold water and lightly rub an un-exposed seam such as a hem, to see if the color transfers from the garment to the cloth. If so, avoid all home spotting. It would be best if you let a professional attempt the stain removal.

Never Rub Hard or Scrub

Rubbing the surface of your garment can cause chaffing of the fibers. This is the most common type of damage caused by home spot removal. Chaffing is disturbing the surface of the fabric. Chaffing can create the illusion of color loss because light reflects differently off the damaged area as compared to the untouched area. Blot the spot instead.

Always Check the Care Label

Care labels are there to protect you (the consumer). It is a federal law that any garment sold in the U.S. must carry a permanent care label and that the entire garment must withstand the label instructions. If directions are followed, and you experience garment failure, the correct response is to return the garment to the place of purchase.

Green Dry Cleaning

Fairmount Cleaners is one of the first dry cleaners in the Cleveland area to offer green dry cleaning.

Our environmentally friendly process has been documented by local news stations as a terrific alternative to older, harsher dry cleaning solvents.

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