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Pick Up & Delivery

Dry Cleaning Direct to Your Door

We offer complimentary pick up and delivery service to many areas in Cuyahoga, Lake and Geagua counties. See the chart below to learn about the pickup and delivery times, or call us on 216-371-1241 to get the complete rundown.

Step One: Your Location

Find your zip code. We service areas by zip code, picking up early in the week and dropping off later in the week.

Zip Code Pick-Up Delivery
44022 Monday Thursday
44023 Monday Thursday
44040 Monday Thursday
44067 Monday Thursday
44072 Monday Thursday
44077 Monday Thursday
44092 Monday Thursday
44094 Monday Thursday
44102 Tuesday Friday
44104 Tuesday Friday
44106 Tuesday Friday
44107 Tuesday Friday
44108 Tuesday Friday
44109 Tuesday Friday
44111 Tuesday Friday
44113 Tuesday Friday
44115 Tuesday Friday
44116 Tuesday Friday
44118 Tuesday Friday
44120 Tuesday Thursday
44121 Monday Thursday
44122 Monday Thursday
44124 Monday Thursday
44126 Tuesday Friday
44131 Tuesday Friday
44132 Tuesday Friday
44134 Tuesday Friday
44139 Monday Thursday
44143 Monday Thursday
44145 Tuesday Friday

Important Notes:

If you don't have clothes out for pick-up on Monday or Tuesday, we won't come again until the next week. If you forget to leave your clothes out, don't worry, we can come on Thursday or Friday if you call us.

If we are delivering clothes on Thursday or Friday, or if you call in for a pick-up on those days, we'll be glad to come by. The clothes will then be delivered the following pick-up day.

Step Two: Exchange Location

Decide where to exchange your clothes (remember the weather can sometimes be less than optimal). Some common options include:

  • Front door
  • Back door
  • Side door
  • Porch
  • Garage

Step Three: Call to Finalize

Call (216) 371-1241 for pick-up. We'll ask you the right questions to get started.

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Free Pick Up & Delivery

Free pick up and delivery for all customers in our service areas.

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