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Cleaning Uggs

Your Uggs will Look, Smell and Feel Great Again!

Most people want the shoes they wear on their feet to look and smell good.

Ugg boots and shoes are difficult to clean, but we have found a process that will clean these popular boots.

They look great and smell better.

We can also apply water repellant for an additional fee.

Help your UGG® boots or shoes look, smell and feel great again! Bring in your UGG®'s and we will clean them for you.

New Life for Your UGG® Boots

Let us clean your UGG® boots and we will help you find new life for your boots. If you want to learn more about what we can do to help you clean your UGG® boots, please call us:

(216) 371-1241

UGG® is a registered trademark and belongs to its trademark owner.